Interior Design Consulting 

Most of the time when you buy your new house or  appartment you either have plans to renovate it or build it from scratch. In both cases all the finances go to the big necessities. And interior design budget as a soft cost stays for later or when that later never comes it just becomes improvisation.

What happens after renovation?

Not everyone wants to work with an architect or an interior designer for their beloved homes. Not everyone also feels that interior design happens overnight, therefore it grows while you start living in the house. Well often Interior Design is approached from functional and aesthetic points of view, not from the vision of the owners, nor their feelings within it. 

Yana Gaevskaya

Yana Gaevskaya has gained her main experience from private projects within Morentz Gallery that works internationally with AD top 100 Interior Design Agencies and high end private clients. From her experience it is not a must to have an interior designer to create an incredibly stylish home.

How it works?

Therefore Yana offers clients Interior Design Consulting sessions where the owner becomes the interior designer and Yana is their guide towards their dream. Yana focuses on analysis, strategy, priorities, conceptualisation, inspiration, expertise in resourcing and guidance during execution. She helps you to create a home where you feel well.


Yana Gaevskaya is currently only taking projects within Belgium: Knokke, Antwerp, Sint-Martens-Latem, Deurle and Lievegem. Her way of working is a consultancy fee and connection to the right person at the right time. Giving you the opportunity to create your own interior design, that will inspire your senses every day of your life.

 You don’t need to be a designer to think like one. -

- Yana Gaevskaya 
Interior Design Consulting
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